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An innovative solution in textile roller blind systems - SRT FLAT MAXI with regulation

As the first system provider, within the SRT FLAT MAXI textile roller blind system, Aluprof introduced an innovative mechanism of strap adjustment for “day&night” fabrics.

Thanks to a specially designed mechanism located under the main control box, it is possible to adjust the convergence of the straps after closing the blind on the already installed application. This is certainly the perfect solution for all manufacturers who no longer need to worry about precise fabric trimming. A new variant of the SRT FLAT MAXI textile roller blind system, which was created with a view to installation on a glazing bead of a window. The SRT SPACE (KOA SPACE) shutter box was added to the construction of this solution, which was additionally equipped with a special masking profile PM FLAT that allowed to maintain the same shape of the shutter box as in the standard version FLAT. It significantly improved the fabric's winding capabilities, so that FLAT MAXI textile roller blinds can be used both on windows and balcony doors. For manufacturers of textile roller blinds it is also a great convenience in terms of optimisation of stock, because thanks to the use of the assortment available for the SPACE system, there is no need to buy new items.