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Safe home




Home is a place we associate with calm and security. But how can we be sure our assets are really safe? Every day the media bombard us with information on burglaries. Often we wonder what extra precautions shall we take in order to feel safe. Vigilance of the occupants is simply not enough. Then why not make a move to security solution, which will effectively stop the intruder? One such solution is an external roller shutter.

Roller shutter are a simple system that combines aesthetics and durability. They can be mounted in both newly constructed building and the existing ones. The product successfully fulfills its function thanks to the strengthening of individual components, such as channels whose design prevents deflecting and pulling out the profiles. In addition, the resistant structure of the curtain prevents any impact-induced damage of the roller shutter.

Aluprof is the first company whose product is certified class III burglar-resistant. This was confirmed by tests carried out in an accredited laboratory in accordance with PN-EN 1627:2011. The quality of the system is also ensured by a patent protected latch mechanism in the bottom part of the roller shutter that prevents the latter from being raised up.

The anti-burglary system is available in different colours, which allows to choose the right colour, fitting the one of the windows and façades of the building.