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SKO & SKO-P front mounted roller shutters


SKO & SKO-P systems are a solution from the family of front-mounted roller shutters, dedicated mainly to existing buildings. As these products are not an integral part of the window and do not require any special pre-installation preparation, they can be installed at any time. SKO-P system box is made of high quality aluminium sheet covered with a special, PU/PA technology-based coating that ensures its durability and resistance to abrasion and weathering. The SKO system box is made of extruded aluminium, which makes it even more rigid and stable. Clever design and oval shape make these systems a solution of choice for buyers who want to have their roller shutters on the external wall, as a perfect decorative element.

As it is the case for SK and SKP systems, the roller’s curtain can be made of foam-filled plastic or extruded profiles. The advantage of these products is the ability to use roller-independent Moskito system that additionally protects the interiors against insects while maintaining the access of light and air.