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Aluprof SA offer includes a full range of accessories that are necessary for the fabrication of garage doors. Our years of experience in the industry has enabled us to develop good relationships with major suppliers so that our Customers could enjoy a wide range of products. One of the leading suppliers of our accessories is Somfy company. 

Flexible solutions and ease of use are the watchwords which became our motto in designing garage doors drives. Drives for garage doors offered by Aluprof / grilles are strong, reliable and durable. The built-in ANR mechanism (Emergency Manual Drive) allows you to raise or lower the gate in case of power failure. Simple and reliable design ensures durability and quiet operation. 

The main advantages of this type of drives is the ability to control via keyboard switches or radio control, and, when using control units, it can be combined with a number of protectors such as optical closing edge safety device, photocells or protection against pulling. 

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