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Commercial Shutters

Increasingly frequent acts of vandalism and theft makes store and shopping malls owners, bank managers or museum directors think of the best possible way to provide a proper level of security while ensuring the presentation of their own displays. In order to meet these expectations, Aluprof offers its roll-up grille made ​​of from high-grade, powder-coated abrasion and weathering-resistant aluminium in a wide range of RAL colours.

Aluprof grilles is a reliable solution. In accordance with the applicable standards, industrial shutter comes equipped with the following types of protection devices:

  • emergency brake which protects from self-opening of the shutter curtain;
  • contact safety sensor in the endslate which prevents from being crushed by the closing curtain;
  • electronic overload sensor or drawn, mechanical switch prevent the grille from being pulled off,
  • emergency manual opening system.

Aluprof commercial shutters is a comprehensive solution. Commercial shutters can be installed both in existing buildings and in newly constructed ones. The basic function and also advantage of the roll-up grille consist of its protective qualities together with: 

  • display capabilities,
  • ensuring proper ventilation of passages, underground garages, multi-storey car parks,
  • changes in distances and in number of windows in order to create your own patters,
  • using glazing in the grille profile, which provides additional protection against wind, rain, dust, etc.

The commercial shutters is rolled up on a steel coiling tube mounted in the box or on consoles which are its supports and bearing. Consoles are mounted directly to the wall or to some other structural elements of the building.

In the case of grilles mounted in the lintel area, attention should be paid to the minimum height of the lintel required to mount the grille (coiling diameter depends on the height of the grille or on the size of the casing).

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