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Industrial doors

Industrial doors constitute an essential security for construction openings, industrial sheds, storage and retail facilities against unauthorised access and weather conditions. They can also be used as internal doors.

Door curtain is made of PE 100 – extruded aluminium profile. The shape and thickness of its sides was designed in a way to make the curtain stable and resistant to mechanical actions. It is possible to use PER 100 glazing profiles in the door curtain. Profiles and rails are coated with powder painting in a wide range of RAL colours. The curtain is rolled up on a steel coiling tube mounted on consoles which are its supports and bearing. For gates that are installed close to the lintel, attention is to be drawn to the minimum height of the latter that is required for the installation. 

Taking into account the type of console used, industrials doors can be divided in two types:

Industrial gates can be installed both in existing buildings and in newly constructed ones. The gate is operated by the switch located inside the building. Depending on your needs, you can use radio control or other selected combinations of controls that enhance the ease of use of the product.

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