The best place for roller shutters

Comfort and functionality

Roller shutters from Aluprof can be motorized (manual / electric drives). The first one is a popular and economical option, but requires more effort in handling roller shutters, especially when we have a large number of these or they are big-sized. Manual control is just opening / closing roller shutters using a crank coiler.

The second possibility is to use electrical control (electric drive). This solution is somewhat more expensive, but much more comfortable and enjoying great popularity among Aluprof roller shutter buyers. Wide range of products to operate roller shutters allows you to choose the most convenient way of opening / closing the roller shutters from just one place for all your roller shutters by a remote control or on-wall switch.

The state-of-the-art technology allows you to use the control timer that will automatically raise and lower the roller shutter’s curtain at a preset time.