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SKB STYROTERM an innovative solution in the joinery industry 2019

During this year's 24th edition of the VIP Woodwork Convention, which took place on 21-22 February 2019 in Gniewo, the winners of the Innovative Solutions for the Joinery Industry 2019 program were selected for the fourth time. Among the honoured companies was Aluprof, which was awarded for designing the SKB STYROTERM top-mounted roller shutter system.

The IRBS program distinguishes those solutions that meet the criteria of innovation, but often also meet the changing times; computerization, automation, intuitive actions and market needs, business customers and consumers. This is the new SKB STYROTERM system, which has excellent technical parameters and well thought-out construction. This solution was designed primarily to improve the energy balance of the building. The main element of this system is a shutter box, which is made of high quality material with very good thermal properties. Research at a renowned research institute IFT ROSENHEIM has shown that the proposed solution has an extremely high thermal transmittance coefficient (Usb already from 0.40 W/m²K), which places the system in the first place among other products of this type.

This is a very important distinction for the latest Aluprof product in the roller shutter systems segment," says Sabina Gustof, Marketing Coordinator - "Our company has been focusing on innovation in the field of energy efficiency for years. This is a very important aspect of modern construction. As one of the European leaders, we follow trends on an ongoing basis, talk to the manufacturers of windows and doors and sunscreens and search together for solutions that will help us jointly increase the competitiveness of Polish products on European markets. 

Among the laureates of the IBRJ programme there were also other well-known brands, such as: Wiśniowski, Fakro, Partner Alma, Rojaflex, Oknoplast or Saint-Gobain, whom we would like to congratulate.